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Why Choose Capital Fire Doors?

Our mission statement is simple, to deliver excellence. We understand the level of quality expected by our clients and constantly strive to not only maintain it, but to better it.

Fire Door Quality Assurance

We have successfully installed over 10,000 fire doors in apartment blocks, hospitals, offices and schools.

Technical Support and Advice

We have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, maintaining and installing fire doors.

Security Checked Trades People

All of our inspectors and trades people are enhanced DBS checked and verified.


We Store Your Data Securely

We use secure tamper proof  Blockchain technology to store your fire door certification and maintenance records.

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Our Services

Fire Door Inspection

A Capital Fire Door Inspection will quickly establish if you and your premises are fully compliant with current fire safety legislation.

Based on a recent risk assessment or building conditions survey, our inspector will visit your premises and make recommendations to ensure compliance is achieved.

Our fire door inspectors carry out a full and thorough inspection of every fire door assembly in your building, taking time to check that all components are in place and working effectively. On completion of the door inspection, a label is attached to each fire door recording the date of the inspection and demonstrating to the users of the building that the doors have been surveyed professionally.

Our inspectors have completed the Exova BMTrada fire door inspection and maintenance programme. Having achieved the qualifications from the third party accredited scheme by Exova (UK) Limited, our inspectors are approved and qualified to carry out the risk assessment of your fire doors competently.

Following the completion of the on-site inspection, Capital will document all of the information and translate it into an easy-to-read fire door assessment report. With a detailed inventory and images of all defects, the written report assesses the condition and functionality of each fire door assembly and their components. 

This report may be used by the designated ‘Responsible Person’ as part of regulatory requirements in a fire risk assessment of the building. 

In addition, the report will also outline any measures that should be carried out to bring the doors in line with current legislation. All requirements for remedial work are also identified in the report.

As part of our complete fire door inspection service, Capital does not just issue the assessment report and leave you to fend for yourselves. We work closely with our clients to make the Fire Safety process as easy and convenient as possible. 

We discuss the report with our clients and identify necessary action and the best process to successfully complete any works, providing a solution to any issues that may arise.

On occasion, the building owner simply does not have the time or knowledge to run the project of upgrading or replacing doors. This project can be more challenging on older buildings where none of the original documentation such as the door schedule or floor plans exist. 

Capital can undertake the management of the project, producing budgets, tender documents, door schedules, specifications, scope of works and a delivery programme.

Capital has a long history of carpentry and joinery subcontract installation projects and will undertake the remedial woks to ensure full compliance is achieved.


Fire Door Maintenance

It may have been identified in the inspection report, that remedial works need to be carried out to ensure the door is compliant. Capital fire doors can implement an agreed maintenance program.

Capital Fire Doors Maintenance services will provide you with on-going regulation compliance and with that comes peace of mind for our customers and the occupiers of buildings.

Since 2005, there is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order that fire doors are “subject to a suitable system of maintenance and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair”.

Your responsibilities are clear and therefore your failure to comply with these regulations may result in prosecution and expensive fines not to mention, in severe cases, imprisonment.

Fire door maintenance prolongs the life of fire doors and ensures the fire door will perform as intended when it is most needed.

Any maintenance required comes directly from our fire door inspection report and therefore you will be able to see in advance what work is required and why the work is required.

Our proactive fire door maintenance programme will pick up smaller routine maintenance issues on a regular basis and reduces possible one-off large maintenance costs or complete doorset replacement.

Once doors have been assessed and are compliant, we can issue certification under our BM Trada Q-Mark scheme for Fire Door Maintenance.

Following your initial fire door inspection and any subsequent maintenance works, Capital Fire Doors offer a proactive routine maintenance service whereby we remind our customers when their next fire door inspection is required.

We take the risk of non-compliance from our customers and manage the whole process ensuring our clients are fully compliant with the RRFSO (Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005).

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Fire Door Installation

Capitals fire doors installation service enables each of our clients to have a full and comprehensive installation certificate of 10 identifiable points, along with full test and data sheets of all materials used.

Capital Fire Door’s installation service ensures our clients have a full and comprehensive installation certificate, along with full test and data sheets of all materials used.

Our fire door installation service is certified under the BM Trada Q Mark scheme. We will also provide our clients with a full O & M manual (Operations & Maintenance) which ensures that you are compliant with Regulation 38 under the Buildings Regulations of England & Wales and be able to provide ‘as built information’, this is a requirement of the person who is responsible for the premises.

To ensure that you have covered your responsibilities regarding fire door installation, we will provide photographs and particular proof of the intumescent fire stopping between the door lining and structural opening.

The importance of fire doors installation - Installation of fire doors is as important as the product specification itself and should only be carried out by someone who is competent, has been specifically trained to install fire doors and understands their responsibilities.

Fire doors that are incorrectly installed with incompatible components can invalidate certification and will not provide compliant protection for occupants or the building.


Incorrectly installed fire doors can lead to some of the following risks:

·        The fire door will not perform in the event of a fire, causing fire and smoke spread through the building, creating danger to the occupants and firefighters responding in an emergency.

·        The building is not properly protected and property insurances may be invalidated.

·        If you are legally responsible for ensuring that fire doors are installed correctly you are liable and can be prosecuted if it is proved that they are incorrect.

·        The certification of the fire door is INVALIDATED and you have no guarantee that the product will perform in a fire.


Fire Door Manufacturing

Capital manufactures its fire doors from purpose built state of the art manufacturing facilities strategically based in Kent, Birmingham and Glasgow ensuring we have nationwide coverage whilst minimising haulage. We manufacture tenant front entrance doors, steel and timber based riser and common area doors and high performance glazed screens.


Capital Fire Doors can manufacture most sizes and styles of FD30/FD60 fire resisting doorsets including, high security tenant front entrance doors/screens, riser doors and general timber based internal doorsets.

A fire doorset comprises a number of component parts. The door, frame, hinges, ironmongery, vision panels and the seals must all be selected to ensure the door design is properly fire resistant and all the components must work in combination.

A well designed timber fire doorset will act as an effective fire barrier and delay the spread of fire and smoke.

The performance of timber fire doorsets is judged by subjecting them to the standard test procedure specified in BS476: Part 22: 1987 or BS EN 1634-1: 2000. Tests are made on complete door assemblies, the fire door and frame having all the necessary hardware. Intumescent seals are applied to the frame so that a rise in temperature will cause the material to swell and seal the gaps.

Many time and quality conscious benefits have been introduced to the building trade with the introduction of the pre-assembled Fire doorset concept. It is the most cost efficient and cost effective method for on-site door and frame installation. The pre-assembled doorsets are ideal for all types of projects such as schools and colleges, apartments, office accommodation, hotels and student accommodation.

All Fire doors will have the Certifire label affixed; this gives everyone involved with fire door installations, the assurance needed.


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